5 reasons we won’t get better Android battery life anytime soon

Whether you’re a serious photographer or a total newbie, you’re capable of photographic greatness with the Nikon COOLPIX P530 CAMERA. Versatile, razor-sharp, and high-performing, this camera is designed around Nikon’s infamous NIKKOR glass lens, delivering incomprehensible zoom functionality. Go manual or automated, zoom in a closeup or landscape mode, record high-definition video-the innovative opportunities are unlimited with the Nikon COOLPIX.

The Smartwatch 3 offers been out because the fall of 2014, where it had been announced at IFA. Nevertheless, Sony has now made it a whole lot fancier by presenting a new steel edition at the CES 2015. It can be said that the Smartwatch 3 even, using its new armour, is the best watch available right now. What’s cool about any of it? It runs Android Wear, has a standalone Gps navigation for fitness and Lifelog apps for monitoring your daily activity, and is definitely IP68 water-resistant. On the drawback it doesn’t have a heart-rate monitor.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to do more workout, and another was to save lots of money, then this is actually the app offer you’ve been looking for. You can get the Runtastic Pro application for free in the Play Store today. As always, the deal might well linger on for some days, but why wait? When an app is free you should act quickly. Just think, you will be tracking your after-work run today with Runtastic Pro’s awesome features and pay nothing for the privilege.

So if you have ever discovered yourself scratching your head about streaming radio on Android, you want to learn about troubleshooting Pandora or you just want to talk to some existing users because of their feedback on something, then the Pandora application profile page is the spot to do it! We’ve got expert testimonials, Q&A’s, ratings, application information and recommended apps. And the more queries you reply, the faster you can become a certified App Expert!

The arrival of Android KitKat didn’t make anything much easier: Google is just about everywhere, in your texts, your pictures, your e-mails, even your backups. Google is becoming increasingly more intricate in to the workings of Android and they’re becoming synonymous with each other. Sure, you can go about creating a false Google accounts if you’re really not willing to partake into the great Google takeover, but that appears like a large step to take to avoid this issue.

The reason why you should do this is not only because S Voice is quite unreliable, despite some latest improvements, but also because one’s body will wait around a fraction of another for that second tap before in fact bringing you to the house display, which slows your Take note 2 down a bit. You can even uninstall the updates and transform it off in the configurations of your phone totally, like many other pre-installed bloatware features of the Note 2 just.