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Are you sick and tired of getting rained on? Fed up with carrying a jacket when it’s completely unnecessary? You have to check out our list of the best Android weather apps. We’ve got you protected (by an umbrella or a cap, depending on what it’s like outdoors) with the very best 10 meteorological apps and widgets that are currently available for free of charge in the Google Play Store. Check them out beneath.

Previously when you held dropping the quantity down it would go to vibrate only and silent mode eventually. Not any more with Lollipop. But it can be done to silence your Galaxy device with Lollipop still, it’s only a little less intuitive. I’ve tested this on the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Take note 3, but it should also focus on the Galaxy S4. I’ll assume Sasung will eventually patch the unit like they did the Galaxy S5 and bring mute mode back as a straightforward toggle action.

The Galaxy S6 Edge includes a larger battery compared to the Galaxy S6 for reasons unknown marginally. Both devices support Qi wireless charging and wired turbo charging, pumping up your battery with four hours extra standby time from just ten minutes of charge time. It’s an extraordinary set of charging features to aid the pretty normal (non-removable) battery capacities.

One thing that supporters of the Nexus 5 may not love about the 5X may be the protruding video camera ‘pimple’ on the back of the device. It isn’t unsightly, but it isn’t the neatest design either. Plus it makes the telephone unstable when placed on a flat surface and we can not help but believe that it could have made more sense to fill the telephone out with a larger battery, than have the camera protruding like that rather.

One of the downsides to custom ROMs is the actual process necessary to flash them on your device. First and foremost, you require root access which gives you administrator privileges to your Android’s file system. Such processes often require advanced understanding of your device and also have the potential to brick your gadget if performed incorrectly.